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Embibing the spirit of Enterpreneurship

What We Do

The Entrepreneurship Cell at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus strives to stimulate and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, both within BITS Hyderabad and beyond. We endeavour to help aspiring entrepreneurs overcome any hurdles they face and support them in any way possible, including by connecting them to mentors and investors and providing any other support they need. Apart from this, we attempt to enhance the culture of entrepreneurship and invention. From hosting talks with the leaders of various industries, conducting workshops to propagate skills related to entrepreneurship to organizing events and competitions that enable participants to showcase their skills, E-Cell aims to build a community of innovation and excellence.


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The essence of entrepreneurship is challenging the realm of possibility, delving into the unknown, and overcoming obstacles to achieve the impossible. E-Cell, BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus has several initiatives, programs and events to help enthusiasts in the journey of entrepreneurship.
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Our annual E-Summit is a majestic confluence of keynote speakers, founders, entrepreneurship enthusiasts, investors, VCs, influencers, and other prominent personalities to introduce the start-up ecosystem’s multi-dimensional elements to the attendees. An incredible opportunity to learn from industry leaders and for networking.
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With a wide range of competitions, including Ace the Case, Manager’s Dilemma, and Suit Up, the E-Cell at BITS Hyderabad provides a platform for entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to showcase their skills and talent through numerous competitions.
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Internship Drive
Internship Drive is an amazing opportunity for students to find an ideal internship, based on their skills or interests, from 30+ startups providing stipends from 3k to 30k INR. With a wide variety of opportunities, including work from home options, it is a great chance to gain experience and learn about the versatility of a job environment.
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Startup Support
We assist entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to fruition by guiding them and connecting them to investors, mentors, and interns, thereby helping them overcome any hurdles they may face while achieving their dream. By providing a platform and opportunities to those with a vision, we aim to build a thriving community of entrepreneurs.